Be the Bamboo Tree: The Resolution Solution

January 16th, 2018

How are your “New Years Resolutions” going? I’m only asking because….

Honestly, I’ve never accomplished a new years resolution. 

The notion of using the first of the year to begin some kind of “transformative action” initially sounds like a good idea and I’ve bought into the hype for years. However, I’m finding I’m especially overwhelmed by the talk over media (especially television and social media) this year. So, instead of resolutions, I’m proposing solutions. And they’re intended to reverse the “new year, new me” mentality.

I attended an incredibly refreshing yoga class that shifted my mindset. Noticing that I was wound up, and maybe overly ambitious of my own resolutions, I needed to hear what the instructor had to say – and I’m sharing her good vibes with you.

“Be the Bamboo Tree”
It’s my New, New Years Mantra

The bamboo tree needs light, water, and proper soil to grow. However, even with abundance of these three elements, the tree doesn’t grow readily. One, two, three years pass by, and the tree hasn’t grown! For us, if we gave all the effort for years and saw no success, we wonder if we’d ever be rewarded for the effort.

But – all at once – the bamboo tree will begin to grow, growing about 80 feet in 6 weeks! During the waiting time, the tree was establishing an incredible, solid foundation to support its growing potential. No one could see its hard work, but it showed in it’s final product – standing tall and strong.

So instead of “New year, New me”, be the bamboo tree:

  • Be reformed –> Be Consistent
  • Be extreme –> Be Realistic
  • Start over –> Refresh
  • Outcome –> Process
  • Ambition –> Strategy
  • Quick-Fix –> Long-term 
  • Failure –> Progress

The bamboo tree was consistent in it’s underground growth for years. It was realistic, knowing that establishing it’s roots was a necessary process for long-term success.

This mindset applies to your nutrition goals too!
Let’s talk realistic, FUN, lifestyle changes help you establish your roots.

  • Instead of dieting –> Practice lifestyle nutrition
  • Instead of cutting carbohydrates –> Eat whole grains
  • Instead of restricting –> Practice mindful/intuitive eating
  • Instead of guilt, disappointment, discouragement –> Practice self-love and seek support

Huge thanks to Allie Pedretti at Pedretti Power Yoga for the refreshed mindset and bold inspiration.
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