I’m Alicia! A twenty-something dietitian on a mission to make you feel your best, healthiest self, using nutrition strategies that are delicious, realistic, and potentially life changing.

About Alicia 

Once I made the connection between what I ate and how I felt,
I knew my purpose was to pursue health and nutrition.

Since my celiac disease and ulcerative colitis diagnoses, I view food differently – as medicine. My conscious eating efforts, intertwined with my passion, education and experience in nutrition, bloomed into a lifestyle practice. I see food as the nourishment my body needs to function to capacity – enabling me to be my best, happiest and healthiest self!


My role as a nutrition counselor/strategist/guide/guru
allows me to transform lives through nutrition

… because I want you to be your best, happiest and healthiest self, too. I leverage my skills, knowledge and experience in health and nutrition to empower you to reach your health goals and beyond. I want you to have energy, to feel great now and prevent illness later, to find relief from discomfort, to feel confident and beautiful, to make healthy decisions for yourself and your family, and to gain whatever tools or resources you need to succeed on your health journey.


Beyond Food

It’s true that I spend most of my time in the kitchen, either making a mess or cleaning it, but you’ll also find me at the yoga studio, riding my bike, at farmers markets, or the grocery store. All with my fiancee Tyler (he eats well).


Now tell me about you!

I’m excited to know your story and how my services can help you go “next level” with nutrition. Send a note to aliciaslusarekrdn@gmail.com.