The Shift, Part III

It felt like I built “Rome” and tore it down in two weeks.

If you missed parts I and II, check out the last two posts before reading on.

I still wasn’t able to quite communicate this “big shift” to Tyler or my family, but asked for their trust. This was hardest to ask of Tyler, who supported my efforts from the start, as we assessed the financial impact’s rubble. I faced some anxiety, but it was still a “no brainer” decision to me.

Because I had a vision. I big one. I saw the beginnings of a movement.
A movement against what I’ve been victimized by, contributed to, and just turned away from.

But I knew I first had to do great inner work, so I began sinking deeper the principles of intuitive eating (IE), working to embody them. I signed up to begin the certification program. I found Casey @worthyandwell who helps me refine my purpose and align my health, work and relationships with it. I took Casey’s #letyourbodylead program, which deepened my understanding of my body – it’s energy, it’s responses, it’s sensations, it’s tolerance.

Somewhere in the middle of the work I discovered I was pregnant.

The growth of my understanding in IE and embodiment paralleled newfound belief in myself. It was like I was coming back to myself while rediscovering myself at the same time. I started posting on social and sharing messages again. I started to say “no” to things not in alignment with my purpose and “yes” to creating opportunities that did, like hosting a series of workshops at @jenstarmovementstudio and @rootshealthstudio, and beginning a group program, “Escape the Dungeon of Diet culture,” (EDDC) which is incredible.

And now I’m hoping on FOX11 this Saturday and on Cooking with Amy (also on FOX) on Monday to continue the effort. I’m concluding my first facilitation of EDDC and will begin another promptly (DM if interested!). I’ll start seeing clients 1:1 again this month (virtually). I’m continuing my cert in IE and as well as gaining another certification in embodiment practices. And I’m now 22 weeks pregnant and preparing for a baby!

I’m still doing the work – Identifying my own conditioning by diet culture and weight stigma, observing my perceptions of food, understanding my body and self-image (especially as my body changes as the baby grows), and practicing methods of practices, acceptance, self love…

And so, if you’re here for a bit of light to be shown on…
– Food, body, and life stuff
– How you can reject diets and return to your inner, intuitive eater
– How health can be achieved at every body size
– How you can listen to your body more deeply and honor it

Stick around! 😊 Ask me questions! I’m here for it.
Thanks for reading this series.