Hello and welcome

I’m Alicia. A registered dietitian, a wife, a (soon to be) mother, a dog mom, a daughter, and a diet survivor. You see, after being diagnosed with celiac disease I got caught up in the downward spiral of restricting foods and losing weight. With it came overwhelming anxiety, loneliness, and depression. It was like I was at war with food. Every food choice was a battle and winning – was refraining.

Now, years later, after receiving treatment, gaining the RD/N credential, and working in the field, I’ve found answers to discovering peace with food through intuitive eating. Answers I wish I had when I first began noticing conflicting food thoughts and certainly when in treatment. However, I’ve come to realize now how pivotal that journey was. That the war I endured, with food, my body and discovering my greater purpose, all brought me here to be of service to you.

I’m here to help you unravel the conditioning you’ve been taught by diet culture to rediscover your intuitive eater, and by extension, yourself. It’s time to break free from ties of food restrictions, embrace the glorious body you live in, enjoy food intentionally and feel your best, mentally and physically, to ultimately end the internal wars you’re fighting, restore your being, and achieve your greater purpose in this life.