Journey to Alignment, Part I

When a business coach asked me what means of “social proof” I had from clients to prove weight loss success through their work with me, I froze.

He then said it’s OK for my clients not to track their weight, but rather take “before and after” photos, cropping out their heads, to demonstrate success by their body transformations while respecting their…. Privacy?

I remember hanging up the phone feeling a little numb and honestly, dumb. ‘Weight loss is in my wheel house, right?’ I thought. ‘I know other dietitians are providing proof of it, so why can’t I?’. ‘Why aren’t I doing this already? I should be!’.

…’But why do I feel this pit in my stomach when discussing the scale or asking my clients to take photos of themselves to track progress?’

I knew “the pit” because I felt it before. It was the same one I felt discussing MyFitnessPal, a food scale, or any app that required logging dietary intakes. I was able to push aside the pit before and continue my “plate structure/ratio” methodology but after this conversation,

I couldn’t dismiss “the pit” anymore.
I had to investigate it.