You can be trusted to make big decisions. ⁣
To stand your ground, to do the right thing. ⁣⁣

You can also be trusted with food.⁣
To know when and how much to eat of it. ⁣

Even if it’s as close as in your own house.⁣⁣

*** ⁣

If you don’t feel that you can be trusted with food, ⁣especially foods you enjoy, or have “binged” on in the past, ⁣how does that impact your confidence in decision making⁣ in other areas of your life?⁣⁣

In “Escape the Dungeon of Diet Culture” – a three month intro⁣ program into Intuitive Eating and Body Awareness, you’ll ⁣learn the tools to trust yourself with food again while ⁣having confidence that you can do so in a way that feels⁣ mentally and physically aligned and well.

If you’re curious in learning more about EDDC, contact me here and we’ll get started!