It’s adhering to diet rules in effort to “eat healthfully” without necessarily, strictly following a diet. ⁣⁣

Among other things, a pseudo-dieter might:⁣
– Count carbs or calories⁣
– Eat only “safe” foods⁣
– Not eat after a certain time at night⁣
– Pay a penance for eating “bad” foods by overexercising or promising to themselves not to eat that food again⁣
– Fear weight gain⁣
– Pacify hunger with coffee or diet soda⁣

Well, first – how normal this phenomenon is for anyone who’s dieted. Through the dieting experience, we latch onto the rules for hope and train ourselves to abide by them. ⁣

And so it makes complete sense that (even unconsciously, and even after we have “failed” at the diet) we act in accordance to our prior training. ⁣

That’s why I’m here. To guide and support you through consciously unlearning dieting, diet culture, and all it’s rules and unrealistic standards, to ultimately rediscover and trust in your inner intuitive eater.⁣⁣

If you’re interested in more, I have two options for you! ⁣
1) Join my “undieting” mini-workshop at @Jenstar Feb 1st OR⁣
2) Inquire about how we can work together.⁣

If it’s time for you to stop dieting (or unconscious dieting) send a direct message – I’d be honored to learn more about you.⁣